This is an arrangement that I made of Erroll Garner “Misty”


Eloy Oliveira 20 Free licks.

These licks have been written over an A Dorian backing track and the package contains: A Dorian BT, Short BT and 20 licks all in mp3 format. 20 Power Tab files, Video in mp4 and a PDF with an introduction for every lick.


J. S. Bach Cello Suite N° 1 BWV 1007 transcribed and arranged for electric guitar by Eloy Oliveira.

This arrangement was made to favor the sound of the electric guitar with distortion. For that reason most chords have been avoided.


Niccolo Paganini Caprice N° 16 arranged for electric guitar by Eloy Oliveira. The original piece is in G minor. This arrangement is in A minor to facilitate the execution.

If you want to play it in the original key I recommend you to tune the guitar a whole tone down.

el pdf